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Philharmonic Association of Pamukkale (PFD) was established to make organizations of concert programs of western classical music in September 2021, by a bunch of activists in Denizli. It is founded as an NGO without any support from the Goverment. Musical education of youngsters, establishment of a "Pamukkale Philharmonic Orchestra" and raise an interest for classical music in the public are the main goals of the PFD. 

The first organization of the association was " Hello to Spring" Concert on March 5th, 2022 which was performed with surprisingly extraordinary success and public interest. 

The primary concern of the PFD is to establish a program of concerts on a regular basis. 

Terminology / Müzik Terimleri 

is the relationship between two or more musical lines 

birden fazla melodi çizgisinin üst üste getirilmesiyle oluşturulan beste tekniği. 

Beats per minute (BPM)
dakikada vuruş sayısı

adagio: slow with great expression / yavaş 66-76
allegro: fast, quick, and bright / hızlı 120-168
andante: at a walking pace / sakince 76-108
largo: slow and broad / çok yavaş 40- 60